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Scotland's Leading Dealer, Valuer, and Auctioneer, for stamps, coins, banknotes, medals, and cards.

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Retail Shop Opening Days
We'll be open on the following dates;
  Thursday 25th July; 10:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday 3rd August; 10:00am to 4:00pm

The shop will not then be open again until after we have completed all our auction work (probably about the very end of June).

>> There are Discounts !! <<
See this link for info about discounts
Some stock will be further discounted in due course, others have reached their maximum discounts. It will not be long until we start to withdraw some areas of stock so that we can clear them through our auctions. Other areas will remain on sale at future opening days.

Next Auctions

Our duo of online auctions went well. If you click on these links you can still see the catalogues (and see what you missed !).
Monday 17th June 2024 :: Live Online Auction (afternoon and evening sessions).
Tuesday 18th June 2024 :: Timed Online Auction throughout the day.
Ask to go on our emailing list if you would like to be kept informed.
We'll be holding another duo of auctions later in the year to clear more stock.

We were Runners-up !

We were nominated - and shortlisted - for the Philatelic Traders' Society Awards under the "Social Media" category. We're quite chuffed to have come second (behind a wee firm called Stanley Gibbons) and would like to thank everybody who voted for us. Thank you !
Our main social media presence is on Facebook. Find us and follow us as "Robert Murray Stamp Shop".
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"Retirement Sale" big mixes.
We've got big stocks of this stuff so we've decided to make up some special clearance batches. Our stock of these is of millions of stamps so we'd be happy for you to buy a few thousand !
Each lot will be 500g of world off-paper, plus 200g of UK off-paper, and we'll also chuck in a few odd "freebies" with each batch. (If you buy a repeat lot we'll try not to repeat the same free items. Therefore if you are making a repeat order please tell us when you bought your previous one.)
There will definitely be duplication among the thousands of stamps you get, and please allow for there being some damaged here and there. (There might even be an odd stamp on-paper, etc. There is so much stuff we can't possibly check each one.)
Give one a go !
£40 per lot

The big news is that Robert Murray is working towards semi-retirement. The selling-off of stock is underway, as a mix between retail sales, wholesale sales, and auction sales.

We have stopped doing our "quick informative valuations", and we are not buying any material for stock. Neither are we currently accepting material for sale by auction.
We do however still carry out formal valuations (e.g. for insurance or estate valuation), and we can still handle gold coins etc.
If you are wanting to sell stamps, coins, postcards, banknotes, etc. we do have list of other dealers available - please email us asking for a copy.

  We continue to run online auctions, now solely selling off our own stocks. See details and links elsewhere on this page.

The retail shop is not open at any regular hours, though customers can visit by appointment, or can get in touch to arrange to pick up items they would like to purchase.
*** The retail shop will be open 10 & 15 July, 3 August (see more detail on this page)

No appointment required.
We continue to put out new stock.
  Support from customers has been very encouraging, and stock in some areas is dwindling !

Keep watching here, and on our Facebook page, for notes about new stock etc. ***

In the meantime, we are visiting areas of our very large stock, and we'll list below different categories as and when we can "go live" with them.

In due course the shop will be closed, we will have disposed of our stocks, and we'll not be running auctions. However, Bob Murray will still be active in the stamps and collectables world - carrying out valuations, giving advice to clients with collections for sale, and connecting collectors/dealers/auctioneers where appropriate. With his lengthy experience he's well placed to point people in the right direction.

Areas of updated stock available in our shop or by mail order;

[added 3.7.24] Second-hand stamp accessories (shop customers only).
[added 5.12.21]  Discount postage stamps in our popular retail packets.
[added 16.8.21]  Prangnell-Rapkin albums and leaves, including discontinued lines and second-hand.
[added 14.12.21]  Stanley Gibbons discontinued albums and leaves (if you only see the page you've seen previously, please remember to do a full reload of the page by holding the shift key while clicking reload).
[added 11.2.22]  Kiloware - a start at updating our list, confirming what is available. (Now complete.)
[added 23.3.22] Coins Wholesale Price List  
[added 24.5.22] Strong Magnifying Glasses 
[added 29.5.22] Plastic cases for mainly commemorative coins  
[added 17.6.22, updated 4.11.23] World and Commonwealth catalogues (2nd-hand)    
[added 16.7.22] update of our old (and now depleted) Thematic Packets price list 

[updated 23.7.22]  Hartberger coin holders - we have now checked our stocks, made up more packages ready for sale, and can report still having the full range of sizes, although pages and binders are running down.
[added 25.7.22] Glen Album Pages (for cigarette cards and other items)
[added 5.8.22] Kiloware - further additions (and there will be more in following week or two) - at 1 October the kiloware list is now complete . . . we have about 1.75 tonnes of it in stock - please buy a bag !
[added 23.10.22] Second-hand coin boxes (no list - shop customers only)

[coming soon] Further listings of new and second-hand Gibbons albums and pages

EasyLive auctions banner
Our Next Auctions will be later in 2024.

For future auctions, please ask to go on our emailing list.
Click here for general auction information.

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(NB; £3 up-front fee option only applies to live auctions - timed carries extra 3% surcharge)

Making Contact;

      Email; murray

      Phone; 0131 552 1220 – the phones are only answered at limited times, but the answering machine is regularly updated giving these times for the following week.

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